Diversity, equity and inclusion

Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

At UOW Global Enterprises, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a key strategic pillar of our people and culture strategy because we are a growing and vibrant global organisation with a diverse mix of people and students. We achieve success by drawing on the different strengths, attributes and characteristics of the many individuals who make up our teams. We understand that teamwork requires that we think about how we relate to one another, respect one another, recognise the value of each person’s contribution, are fair and inclusive, and that we work collaboratively to achieve the best results on all days and in all ways.

Our efforts are guided by the following four key strategic goals:

Goal 1

We will build diversity and ensure our people can fully and equally participate in, and contribute to, our organisation.

Goal 2

We are a flexible and adaptable organisation that is able to accommodate the diverse needs of people as they move through various life and career stages.

Goal 3

We will foster inclusion, harness and celebrate our diversity and use our collective skills, knowledge and experiences.

Goal 4

We are viewed by all as an organisation committed to DEI with inclusive leadership, clear accountability and focus on DEI.


Achieving each of these goals will ensure we are a supportive, confident and inclusive organisation, reinforced by our Values (passion, innovation, integrity, collaboration, courage, excellence) and a culture that recognises and supports all employees.

Our commitment to gender equality, which is a key DEI priority, has been externally recognised with our Australian-based operation achieving the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency since 2002.

Looking ahead, rapid changes in the nature of work, shifting employee and student demographics, and an increasingly complex and competitive environment have substantial implications for our DEI approach. Our aim is to be recognised as an authentic leader in DEI, ensuring that our people are at the centre of everything we do because we recognise that it takes exceptional individuals with unique skills and perspectives to deliver high quality education in innovative ways.