Welcome from the Group CEO

Welcome to UOW Global Enterprises

For more than 30 years, UOW Global Enterprises has helped thousands of students from over 110 countries excel in their higher education journeys. Since 1993, UOW Global Enterprises has grown to become one of Australia's most unique and successful global providers of tertiary education programs encompassing Vocational, Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelors, Masters and PhDs delivered from our own campuses located in key international areas. 

Our world continues to transform with geopolitical, economic, environmental and technological forces. Yet education continues to provide a foundation for sustainability and growth, as the internationalisation of tertiary education expands. We are committed to preparing students for an interconnected world to become transdisciplinary experts and to be life-ready as well as work-ready.

We help students transform readily-accessible information into knowledge; we help educate them to become critical learners who can independently search, source and judge information. In doing so, we help them secure a place in the knowledge economy of the future.

At UOWGE, we are committed to providing pathways for growth and offering a truly global experience for our students and staff.   


Marisa Mastroianni

Managing Director and Group CEO

UOW Global Enterprises